Creativity does not stop even during the time of COVID-19.  Quarantine, although painful and detrimental to business, also gives rare time for planning and introspection. With the view to supporting young entrepreneurs - largely in informal sector - from Kotatua Jakarta, UNESCO together with Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur has organized a first round of virtual business mentoring sessions using WhatsApp and Youtube.

Design thinking for creative business was the topic of the training in three sessions over the period of three weeks between April and May 2020. During the first class, the participants were asked to fill an empathy map to identify the target market, the needs and the possible solution as a basis of business development. The second workshop in the subsequent week revised and discussed the assignment, and the third class provided various tips on creating business proposals.  
Moselo – a crafts and creative goods marketplace - with its co-founder Richard Fang and his team acted as the main trainer sharing their own experience of growing into one of the most successful online craft retailer.  In planning business, collaboration is the key to success. The participants were encouraged to think inter-disciplinary and work with other participants to develop competitive ideas.

The workshop took place as part of the project Creative Youth at Indonesian Heritage Sites with the generous support of Citi Foundation, aimed at providing business capacity building of young cultural entrepreneurs living in and around famous heritage destinations including UNESCO World Heritage sites.  A total of 400 youth from Kotatua Jakarta, Yogyakarta/Central Java, Toba and Bali are expected to benefit from similar business training so that they take advantage of the inspiration and business opportunities the heritage sites offer.  

Another round of mentoring session on business and financial planning is currently underway for the 100 youth entrepreneurs of Kotatua.  For further information on this project and its activities, please check the project social media platforms “Kita Muda Kreatif” (@kitamudakreatif). This activity supports Goal 8 of SDG.